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Chthonic Vol. 1 (2019)

Genre: lo-fi, house, glitch, punk, industrial

Perspectives On Shapeshifting And Timetilting (2014)

Genre: spacemusic

Voyage to Titan (2014)

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Genres: plunderphonics, microhouse, ambient, glitch

Digital Megacities (2013)

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Genres: bitpop, industrial, acid techno, ambient

Coast To Coast (2013)

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Includes new mixes of tracks from EOS, 2001, Earth Analog, Rooms and previously released demos.

Rooms (2013)

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Genres: retrowave, bitpop, chiptune, chillwave

Earth Analog (2012)

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Genres: chiptune & bitpop

Cloud Clone (2012)

Genres: ambient techno, witch house, lo-fi

0210: 2001 Remixes (2012)

Genres: plunderphonics, instrumental hip-hop, glitch, ambient house

2001 (2011)

Genres: plunderphonics, instrumental hip-hop, glitch, ambient house

Justin Bailey (2011)

Genres: spacemusic, ambient, lo-fi

Glitches Ain't Shit Vol. II: 25 Random Things About Me (2011)

Genres: glitch, spacemusic, lo-fi

Glitches Ain't Shit Vol. I (2011)

Genres: glitch, drill & bass, lo-fi

Cannabinoid (2010)

Genres: drone/doom/stoner metal

Universe (2010)

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Genres: ambient techno, acid techno, plunderphonics, spacemusic

CGA In HD (2010)

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Genre: lo-fi house

Massive (2010)

Genres: drum & bass, techno, lo-fi

Be Happy Or Die (2009)

Genres: grindcore, noise, lo-fi

Dexedream (2009)

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Genre: ambient techno

EOS (2009)

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Genres: industrial, instrumental hip-hop, dark ambient, drone doom

Harn (2008)

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A compilation of music from the early KSBP years.

Artists: DJ2600, We Are X-Treme, Issowa

Genres: plunderphonics, lo-fi, mid-2000s internet music