About KSBP

KSBP (shortened from the original name Kansas Beach Patrol) is a 1+ person music and digital art collective, indie netlabel, and game development group founded by Stefania "Stef" Edwards. Stef founded KSBP in her teens with her friends as a way to release music and art that they worked on together, and a handful of collaborators have been involved in KSBP projects over the years. Essentially, KSBP is Stef and always Stef, but not always just Stef.

KSBP began operating as a netlabel in 2006 as a means of releasing music that Stef and her friends had made. KSBP has released over a dozen full-length albums and over two dozen EPs since 2006. All KSBP works are released through copyleft licenses such as Creative Commons, and operates entirely on donations.

The original name Kansas Beach Patrol loosely stemmed from a joke about Stef's Great Plains origins, her lifelong stim of pacing back and forth, and her pervasive anti-authoritarian and anti-work attitude (there are no beaches to patrol in the landlocked state of Kansas). While Stef and her friends have released music and art under other names, the Kansas Beach Patrol name and the abbreviated name KSBP were both used to tie together all of these projects. In late 2019, Stef and other KSBP collaborators decided to retire the Kansas Beach Patrol name and begin using the abbreviated name KSBP in early 2020.

About Stef

Stefania "Stef" Edwards is a musician, game developer, digital artist, writer, and luthier based in the midwestern US. Stef is the founder and art director of KSBP. She began producing electronic music in 2001, and began branching out into other genres by the mid-2000s. She is also a multi-instumentalist and vocalist with a background in jazz, punk, metal, hardcore, and psychedelia.

Stef enjoys playing video games new and old, as well as tabletop RPGs and board games. She has had a lifelong interest in video game design and development, music and video production, musical instruments, and computers. She loves to watch Twitch streams, documentaries, sci-fi and horror films, anime, Star Trek, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim shows, machinima, skateboarding and BMX videos, 90s comedies and action movies, and any sort of funny or weird nostalgia trip she can find on VHS, DVD, or digital format. Her other hobbies include DIY electronics, photography, doodling, painting, woodworking, cooking, and gardening.

Stef is queer and transfemme nonbinary, and goes by she/her and they/them pronouns. She is neurodivergent, and she experiences multple forms of synesthesia (chromesthesia, grapheme-color, ordinal-linguistic personification, mirror-touch, auditory-tactile, and auditory-affective).