About KSBP

KSBP is a netlabel created by Stef in . Stef often publishes music under various names but the KSBP name is used to tie together all of these projects. They also make art, games, and various multimedia projects under the name KSBP.

KSBP is an acronym for Kansas Beach Patrol - one of Stef's electronic music projects.

About KSBP's Music

Stef began producing electronic music in . They started sharing MIDI and tracker music they made on various gaming and music production forums They initially drew influence from video game music as well as from house, breakbeat, hip hop, jazz, and pop. They later began , , and They also shared music via CD-Rs, flash drives, torrents, and P2P file-sharing throughout the 2000s before switching primarily to .

Stef began branching out from electronic music in the , incorporating a large number of genres such as post-punk, hardcore, extreme metal, psychedelia, blues, industrial, glitch, noise, drone, and ambient into various projects.

About Stef

Stef is a music producer, multimedia artist, game developer, web and software designer, writer, and custom instrument maker based in the midwestern US.

They are a multi-instrumentalist who plays various keyboard, percussion, and string instruments. They are mostly self-taught, but also had some training in jazz theory, improvisation, video game music composition, and digital audio production.

Stef enjoys playing video games, tabletop RPGs, and board games with their friends. They collect VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs, vinyl, cassettes, retro video games, and other vintage media. They also enjoy restoring old computers, electronics, and furniture. Their other hobbies include listening to music and watching old movies with their friends, making playlists, cooking, gardening, reading, and going on nature walks.

Stef is queer, trans, and genderfluid. They go by any pronouns.