About KSBP

KSBP is a netlabel founded by Stef Edwards in 2006. Stef has also published games and digital art under the name KSBP since the late 2000s. Stef often makes music under other names, but the KSBP name is used to tie together all of these projects.

Stef began producing and releasing electronic music in 2001, drawing influence from video games as well as house, dub, and breakbeat. They later incorporated elements of jazz, pop, glitch, ambient, noise, drone, hardcore punk, and extreme metal.

About Stef

Stef Edwards is a musician, multimedia artist, writer, game developer, luthier, and custom instrument maker based in the midwestern US. They play multiple instruments including guitar, piano, bass, ukelele, percussion, and various synths.

Stef enjoys playing video games, tabletop RPGs, and board games. They also enjoy restoring old furniture, computers, and electronics. Stef is queer and genderfluid, and they go by any pronouns.